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Free Money or Indemnité inflation de 100 euros


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Has anyone on the forum received theirs yet?

Toute les personnes de plus de 16 ans résidant en France qui ont perçu, au titre de la période courant du 1er janvier au 31 octobre 2021, une rémunération, inférieure à 26 000 € bruts sont concernées.

I asked the tax man here, but he said if you are entitled you will get it (youngest got his in his CRNS pay chit!), but would not say if we are entitled.  If you split our declared income in 2 we are well below the 26,000 level each. We seem to fall in between the list of recognised jobs and are not paid anything by France, but declare everything and pay all required taxes and charges.  

If you don't ask you don't get, but I don't know who to ask!


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I got mine in December. (I'm a micro entrepreneur.)

I think if the records show you as being entitled you get it automatically. I don't think you apply for it as such, you would have to query why you haven't received it. If you're retired your pension caisse pays it, if you're employed your employer pays it, if you're self employed URSSAF pays it, if you're none of those things I guess you would ask your local tax office.

When you say "if you split our declared income in 2" - but on the declaration surely you give a figure for déclarant 1 and déclarant 2? I imagine that is what they have on record.

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Les bénéficiaires devront-ils effectuer des formalités pour percevoir l’indemnité inflation ?

Le versement sera effectué sur la base de la situation des personnes au mois d’octobre et si celles-ci remplissent les critères d’éligibilité. Le versement sera assuré par les employeurs ou par les organismes qui leur versent habituellement une pension ou une prestation sociale, de façon à garantir un paiement le plus rapide possible de l’indemnité, dans la plupart des cas.

Seules certaines personnes éligibles devront communiquer une information pour s’assurer du versement de l’indemnité (ex : travailleurs indépendants ou salariés de particuliers-employeurs dont le RIB n’est pas connu par les URSSAF, salariés n’ayant aucun contrat de plus d’un mois ou d’au moins 20 heures en octobre auprès d’un employeur) ou éviter au contraire un double versement (ex : salariés multi-employeurs).


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27 minutes ago, NormanH said:

I received mine  yesterday from Carsat (French pension)

That is the bit that concerns me, I am not "visible" in the French system as I do not receive any French pensions or allowances.  That said, we are in the tax system and my wife has received her French forecast for when she does eventually become of pensionable age in France for the work she has done here.  I have read that  a site is to be opened up in March to allow those who have not received it to apply.

Its not the end of the world if nothing happens, but being a Yorkshire lad, the thought of missing out counts!!

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