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Measuring those Waves


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There is a lot in the French press about the reluctance of people to have Linky meters due to the emission of electromagnetic fields, plus problems with cows, milk yields, health etc.  Electromagnetic sensibilities in people also appears in the news from time to time.

I am not competent to comment on the veracity of these claims, but the French authorities seem to be making some effort to make public the actual strength of emissions in sensitive areas.   They are in the process of installing 50 detectors in Nantes and the results are available on line, should anyone be interested in other areas.


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Is this the same as the fluorescent tube trick?


When you take a fluorescent tube bulb under transmission power lines it lights up because the current running through them induces an alternating magnetic field around them as they conduct electricity. The higher the voltage, the greater the magnetic field density and the brighter the fluorescent tube will glow.

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Since we have been Linkyfied the touch lamps we have each side of our bed switch on during the night at random times.


"Convincing oneself and others that smart meters are intrinsically evil is easy in France because in classic French bureaucratic fashion, the Powers That Be decided that every single smart meter in the country had to be the same type, from the same manufacturer and with the same outward design. Worse, they are all the same colour: a kind of runny-nose green.

Worst of all, some idiot in the energy ministry must have signed off on a request to give the smart meters an infantile brand name: the Linky.

Suddenly this gave the tin-foil hat brigade a very tangible and not-at-all wibbly target: those ugly green Linky bastards are invading our homes, sleeping with our wives and stealing the souls of our children! Allez, Marcel, grab your hi-viz vest and pitchfork, let's head to the town hall for an afternoon of impotent irrational shouting and incongruous vehicle pyromania!"



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