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Editing a post.


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Since the forum's new software launched, I haven't found it necessary to edit my posts, although others may not necessarily agree. I have searched high and low as to where I might locate this facility, as it's obviously available somewhere, as can be seen from the banner displayed on the posts of those who obviously locate this tool and use it.

My question is therefore simply where is to be found?  Thanks for any help.

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7 hours ago, Loiseau said:

I have the same problem;  when i click on those three dots, the only options I get are Report or Share.

Thanks for the suggestion Gluestick but, I've been there already - got the tee-shirt, just as Loiseau has.

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Previously, I have successfully used the edit facility; however, now it doesn't work for me, either!

I am also having dire problems with Private Messaging: I try to create a PM, insert the name of the recipient, title, etc but then the damned thing will not allow me to create the message!

Clearly a software problem: Mods ad Admin please note!

Update: the edit function worked this time round; it seems you are only allowed a tiny finite time space to edit.


Edited by Gluestick
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