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Three times increase in income tax payable this year


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Got the tax bill through (we don't have to pay until November) for a PACsed couple with a child (we actually have two, but the second one won't count until next year). For 2010 our joint income is only 2,000 euros more than 2009, and yet they want 5.97% of that, as opposed to 2.04% the year before. That makes for a huge difference. Is this the same for everybody, or do I need to call them up and ask why there is such a big discrepancy from the previous year?

It wouldn't have been such a big issue, but I'm on my third year of being a micro-enterprise, and as a consequence have huge cotisation bills to pay this last trimester, and this years cotisation totals more than 50% of last year's net revenue. I was sort of expecting a sting, but was still a bit more than I'd bargained on.
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