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Paying the EDF by cash at La Poste


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I am helping someone who has just moved from one studio to another to handle the paperwork.

At the last place the EDF bill could be paid at La Poste by taking in the bill and paying cash.

The person concerned never had a problem with  that, but a new address means a new contract, and the woman at the EDF has demanded the bank account details of my friend so that the bill can be automatically debited, citing the rise in cases where bills are unpaid.

However the only account which is held is a Livret A, which is my friend uses a bit like a Post office savings account to keep small amounts of cash which can be withdrawn to pay bills as needed, and the EDF says probably quite rightly that a standing order can't be set up on such an account.

Apart from the fact that I am  pretty sure that the Tarif de Première Nécessité should apply in this case (I have seen the figures) does anybody know if the EDF can insist on payment direct from a bank account, especially as there were no problems at the previous address?

I have looked at the Conditions générales de vente

which seem to imply that cash payments are still a possibility, but I am not sure of the legal basis particularly as concerns opening a new contract.

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Thanks. I think there were some new conditions last October, but I don't see any insistence on a bank account.

In any case there are lots of people with low incomes who don't have one, but may have a Post office account..

You would think they would love cash wouldn't you?

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