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Tax Refunds from HMRC


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This isn't strictly French Finance, but its the closest bucket to put it in!  Some of you will have followed the thread on whether UK tax is payable on State Pensions. As a result of the advice given there, we applied for a rebate on Mrs G's tax.

HMRC were excellent and the matter was dealt with very promptly (about a month) and a rebate was credited to her a/c last week. Unfortunately it was inaccurate: not just by a few quid, but by a four figure sum.

I rang the Helpline this morning and the really helpful Officer went through the calculation year by year and spotted the error quite quickly. He's going to get it fixed.

Moral of the story: check any refund that you get and if you're not sure how much it should be, find someone who can help you, otherwise it could be very expensive.  

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