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Rocade closed in Bordeaux!!

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Hi everyone, hope someone can help!!

I have just got back from an airport run to Merignac in Bordeaux and need to go again on Friday night to pick up from the airport but there are road works on the Rocade and it is going to be closed from 8pm to 6am from jcn 9 to jcn 13 up until mid/end July!!!  Does anyone know of a route to the airport from exit 9 thats quite easy to follow or has anyone experienced the 'deviation' please, any help greatly received, in the mean time I will have a look at auto route, many thanks in advance


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As in 8 at night to 6 in the morning so should be OK for airport pickups ?  Presume you are coming from the North. At junction 9 west toward Magudas. At the Phare Aerien turn almost due South onto D 213b continue South until you reach airport. I use it if Rocade is very slow moving and I am going to Airport

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We are due to arrive at Bordeaux airport on Friday night 9.30pm ish and need to get to the A62 (exit 19)  Am confused as to whether the you mean the Ring Road - and if it will ALL be closed or just to junction 12.  Can anyone enlighten me?  And if it is all closed - how would we get to the A62 ???

Thanks - a very confused JT

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