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Restaurant New Years Eve - Sainte-Rochefort area

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I am trying to find a restaurant where a group of about 10 of us could celebrate New Years Eve. Le Gabarier in Port d'Envaux was favourite but I suspect they are closed down for the winter as I am getting no response to my e-mails. Can anyone suggest somewhere please? Alternatively I am going to have to DIY it!
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It may be too far out for you but before returning to UK we went to L'Ecluse at Port Maubert for three years in succession and had a really good night out.

 Bar-Restaurant L'Écluse

Renseignements : Port Maubert
  17240 ST-Fort s/ Gironde


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"I have heard that La Roze at Gemozac 17260 is good for a meal on New

Year's eve though I have not been there for this occasion.

Again you may consider it too far to drive."

I am reliably informed that this restaurant has recently closed and the property is up for sale.[:(] Such a shame.

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