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Free Rock Concert, 30th August at Chef Boutonne (79)

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Hi Rock Fans,

There will be a season of FREE ROCK CONCERTS in the town square, Place Cail, Chef Boutonne (79). Its organised by a local association called Surfin Boutonne every year & features some great music. The square is closed to traffic, an open air stage set up & taken over by the bars & restaurants so plenty of space & seats for a drink or a meal whilst listening to the music.

The first concert is on Friday 30th July, at 9.00pm & features a support group called Charly & Shake, a groove & funk band. The mainline act will be Piledriver, a really good rock band.

The second concert will be on 6th August at 9.00pm with Bliss, progessive rock & Bootleg, rock pop

I have been going to these free concerts last year & its a really great atmosphere.


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