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Beauvoir sur Niort

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I live fairly close, but know of no "English associations" there.  Bu maybe that's because I tend to avoid them :).

I've had a glass at Resto  Auberge des Voyageurs at B sur N, run by a very pleasant couple, don't know what the grub is like.

You seem to be fond of Romanesque chcurches (I looked at your blog), we've got plenty round here.  The most famous is St Pierre at Aulnay, it's a Unesco site and worth going out of your way to see.  Our local tourist ladies do excellent tours.  I can find out more for you if you are interested ?

Cheers from Ernie

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Hi Frenchie,

All the best with the move !



[quote user="Frenchie"]

Thanks very much for your answer Ernie.

I know l'Auberge des voyageurs at Beauvoir sur Niort.

Recently stopped there twice for a drink!

I ve never been to Aulnay, from what you say, I ve missed something!

I'm sending you a PM .

Regards.   Régine. 

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