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Hello to Passirac again

Just one more question of this area

We are trying to see if ADSL is in the village. We are looking at a property west of the church about 1km - 1.5km out of the village.It would be helpful if anyone could confirm that it's possible to have this connection.

Many thanks

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Without having he slightest knowledge of Passirac I make the following observation.

Connection is to DSLAM at Brossac which is 2.2 kms, plus distance 1.6 from Passirac gives 3.8 kms which is close to an ADSL limitn so the condition of the line will be important. The max ADSL at Brossac is 2mb/s but  ReADSL seems to be available. So reckon you might scrape 500b/s.



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