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Bees in Chimney

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This is not my first post about this problem and unfortunately we are no further on in solving it.

We have two bees nests in our chimneys. They are very high up 10 metres to the top. We have had several bee keepers look but wont touch them, because of the height.

My husband who unfortunately is recovering from three fractures in his pelvis, after falling of a step ladder, did try last year to spray them from a tower but to no avail.

They will have to be destroyed as there is really no alternative. We have them in the house and our neighbours and family are bothered by them in the garden.

I tried the pompiers but they do not do it anymore.

We are considering getting professional help but really can't afford to pay a lot as funds are very tight. I really have no idea how much it would cost but have been told it will be expensive.

Does anyone know of anyone we might get an estimate from, to remove them please.

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We have the same problem and deal with it by lighting a very smoky fire in the woodburner each day until they stop coming back (with a really hot blast last thing to clear the soot). Can take a week or two though and if the nest is well established there is the risk of fire.

Can't help otherwise, sorry.
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We have had them twice in our chimney, but thankfully noticed them within we think 24/48 hours of them arriving. (heard buzzing but could not work out where was coming from) We lit a fire and within 20 mins they all swarmed off.
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A few years back I had this company come and get rid of bees in the chimney, in the Vendee.

You don't say where you are located in France, but if you go to the French yellow pages and type in a description like "desinsectisation", and in the other box the first two figures of your postcode, you might find something similar.

I am afraid I cannot remember how much it cost - but I was so desperate with the insects coming into the bedroom that I just had to go for it.


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We had a bee nest in a chimney, it cost 125e using a professional company (sorry can't remember their name) to have them killed as it was too big to be removed by a bee keeper. the pompiers in our area (17) no longer deal with bees nests. Good luck with finding someone.
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