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Staying for a week in Quimper

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My wife and I are planning to visit Quimper for about a week in June this year. I have been struggling to find the kind of place we would like to stay. We want an apartment in the old center within 4 or 5 blocks of the cathedral. Failing that, we'd be open to a B&B, and finally a small hotel. I cannot find ANYTHING. I've had good luck in the other two places we want to stay (Vannes & Dinan), but cannot seem to find anything in Quimper. Does anyone have any ideas?

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here are a few which might be right for you.

This one seems to fit the bill, near cathedral, but is only available for 4 nights in June:


Another near the cathedral:


A B&B near the cathedral:


A house also near the cathedral:


Another B&B in the historic centre:


Good luck!

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The hotel Escale Ocean is very well located and is next to a car park.( and opposite the police station) The Gradlon is also in a good position ( but a room at the back is quieter ) and if I remember correctly has its own small car park. Frankly I haven't heard good reports of the Dupleix but I haven't stayed there myself.

I visit Quimper several times a year and I can recommend the L'epee , the Feuillintine and the Bar Saint Andrew. Hope you'll wander up to Locmaria and visit the faiencerie and the Musee de la faience where the featured artist will be Suzanne Creston, who was a member of the Siez Breur

There are a couple of good restaurants in the rue St Catherine and a very nice little gallerie of which I'm rather fond !

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