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Missing Dogs! St Christophe 16420 - light coloured hound and brown Spaniel Cross

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Please help keep an eye out for these two friendly dogs who escaped from their home in St Christophe, 16420 last evening (7th Feb). They are not suspected to have been stolen. They escaped through a gap in the fence.

One, Eris, is a medium-sized very light coloured hunting-style hound, with sandy brown patches. The other, Morgie, is a small / medium sized brown spaniel cross. They are both identified and are both friendly, approachable family dogs.

The owner has received advice from Phoenix on what to do / who to call, and is in the process of contacting all the authorities and placing adverts.

If you see these dogs, or to request a photo, please contact Sara immediately on sarajennings100@hotmail.com or 05 45 84 10 68

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