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Portaloos for wedding

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Does anyone know any companies in Brittany (or who will deliver to Brittany) who provide caravan style portaloos for events, or nice portaloos?

I have found very few companies online and those I have found are quoting ridiculous sums of money (compared to what they cost in the UK).

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 I suspect that you will just have to poke up with the monopolistic price, there is so little incentive in France to launch a competitive business that the few players enjoy a cosy cartel.


The Commonwealth War Graves commission have been present in France for over 100 years so they have had time to find the most competitive suppliers if such a mythical beast were to exist in France, one look at any of their chantiers, and they have scores on the go at any one time, will reveal almost a complete absence of French companies, all the artisans come in from Belgium, most of the plant and Equipment including portaloos from the UK ridiculous as it may seem, despite rarely seeing one on a French chantier perhaps they abide by the UK regs and there is one at every cemetary around me that has had some work or may have some work done in the future, all rented from the UK, the portacabins as well, its rare to see anyone actually working, the projects languish for sometimes over a year, probably waiting for locally sourced materials.


For the Centenaire they created a huge tented village at the Thiepval mémorial  plus many others, you may have watched the footage of the 1st July on the TV, not only did everything including the loos come from the UK and Belgium they even brought over water tankers for the loos and kitchens and honeycarts to take the waste back over the channel to the UK, now there were water mains on site but clearly to much grief involved to arrange a connection, all the French graveyards have water standpipes, I use them when running, the Commonwealth ones have no water, it is brought in by bowser.

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[quote user="alittlebitfrench"]This is France, No one is going to use a portaloo. They will just pee up the nearest tree in plain view. The men might be a bit more discrete mind you.[/quote]

That's what we found to our horror the first time we went to the Le Mans 24 hours in 1985.

On our camp site - a couple of each, male and female dunnies, for several hundred visitors.

We took a couple of buckets the next time, but stopped going in 1996 because the prices went up ridiculously and the facilities didn't improve.

This year, with tickets from €61.50 a head, plus parking or camping charge, we didn't even consider going.

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I don't feel at all guilty. I watched most of the event on TV and saw a lot more than I ever saw by being there, and saved a bunch of my meagre pension.

As for the "ambience", I can do without being in the company of 250000 supposed fans enjoying what has become known as the Le Mans 24 hour pi$$-up.

Where did you get the term "dunghie" BTW???

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