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Wow, nice picture of the snow that has finally arrived in "my" valley. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/picturegalleries/8970799/Snow-in-the-Alps-latest-pictures.html?image=4 (yes, I do lay claim to the whole valley, no I'm not greedy I just have aspirations above my station)

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Snow's quite pretty and I don't mind the cold as I can always turn the heating up, but I do find the fact that it is so slippery very offputting, especially now.  I've always been a clumsy cow and it takes nothing for me to find myself flat on my backside,  but with crutches and a dodgy walk, it's potentially lethal so the first sight of snow or ice and I tend to confine myself to barracks more and more.  Mind you, I've lived in warmer places (Malta) and didn't much care for that either.  You can please some of the people.....
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