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Closure of the Lyon Consulate

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Just seen this elsewhere

As of today (2.1.12) Consular Assistance for Lyon and the region is assured by the British Consulate in Marseille, where we have established a new France-wide call centre. The number is 04 91 15 72 10. I would be pleased if you could note and distribute this phone number to the widest possible audience. Simon Taylor, the Head of the Marseille Consulate, is now your new Consul.
These changes to our consular services are the result of a recent review by the British government of its overseas network. This concluded that the UK needed to shift resources to the emerging powers of China, India, Brazil, while still providing the services our customers need in Europe, albeit in a different way.
The commercial services of the Lyon Consulate will continue to be provided from here. As of today we become The British Trade and Investment Office at Lyon (Délégation Commerciale du Royaume-Uni à Lyon). With six full time employees commercial services have represented the largest activity within the Consulate for many years. The activities of this team will concentrate on New and Innovative Technologies, a reflection of the economic reality of the Rhône-Alpes Region. Initially this Delegation will continue to use the former Consulate offices.
My thoughts go to Jeanie Labaye and Chantal Poinas-Deleage, the two full time staff members of considerable experience, and well known and appreciated in the Lyon community. I would like to give a great big Thank You to them for their very many years of loyal and excellent service to the Consulate and the community.
It was my considerable honour to be your Consul since 2010. I would consider it a pleasure to remain in friendly contact.
Yours sincerely

John Hall
Chef de Mission Commerciale du Royaume-Uni à Lyon


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