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I have been in Dordogne for 6 months renovating my house and a big barn into two cottages. We decided to do the cottages first to be ready for this summer but alas we have not made our target and it seems we will have to open later... Not a big problem. However now that the rush is off and we can take a little more time getting things ready I am looking towards maybe taking on some part time work so as not to eat into the budget we have set aside to renovate our house while we wait for our income to start..

I am not a builder by trade however there isnt anything I haven't done from roofing to electrics whilst here in france when turning the barn into cottages.

I was wondering weather there was anyone out there who was tempted to take on a job but thought they might need a little help and muscle... If so many hands make lighter work.

As I said I am not a builder but incredibly handy ( you can visit my work )and armed with everything from a Kango to a cement mixer the works...so if you need a little help for a little fee.... email me...

I am inbetween Riberac and Perigueux and dont mind travelling up to 75km.
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