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Accomadation and advice needed!!!

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Hello there,

Our family (lola the dog, Kieran the boy, Marie the French-woman and myself) are moving to the South West (Toulouse/Carcasonne/Perpignon) around July/August and are in desperate need of a place to stay.

Initialy we had planned on finding somewhere near Toulouse as it seemed the best bet for Marie to gain employment in the logistics field. We have since decided to broaden our horizons and use our savings to rent whilst searching for the perfect house/job.

If anybody out there has a property to let for short/medium term or would like reliable 'house sitters' (our dog is very well behaved and we would be very happy to leave a cash deposit)
then please let us know-- anything considered!

Finaly, if you have knowledge of the area and could advise us on the job market in the regions mentioned we would be grateful to hear your opinions.

Left Hand Drive vehicle (cheapish) also required!

Thanks in advance,

Steve and Marie.
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Regrtfully you have picked a rather bad time to come. Most of the decent properties will be rented out for the holiday season and Winter lets don't really start till the end of September. I was thinking hard and the only ones I know of are fully booked till then. Might I suggest you hold off till September, you will have much better luck then I think.


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Hi - try to get hold of a local paper for the area you are interested in. If you are planning to rent for a while it's much better to go for French owned than an expensive British owned Gite.

We are in Charente and there are always several available around here. Don't forget though that you have to give three months notice when you want to leave.

best of luck........helen
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We are looking a round in this area and I was initially quite surprised that there is still a lot of long term rental around and a wide choice in the this area. As suggested go for a standard long term french let, rather than a gite, but beware as some will charge a non-refundable deposite.

This is probably one of the best sites available as it collates all agents + you can register to get e-mail alerts if something in you criteria comes up.


However, if you find what you need you need to sign up for a day for a few euros to get all the agent contact names and addresses and/or buy the magazine.


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