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Two retireds considering permanent move, and think Carcassonne area suitable. Would be looking for newish 3 bedroom bungalow or villa with say 1000 M2 garden, fairly close to usual ameneties. Not averse to a few hills. Without converting you to an Immobilier, what are the prospects, and what sort of winter climate could we expect. A very subjective question, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Firstly you need to get over and look around and visit agents. You will find that prices her are no longer cheap but the type of property you want is around.

I think it would be a good idea to visit now while it's hot (34 to 38 deg C for the last couple of days) and again in the winter. You can rent a gite at a cheap rate during the winter for 3 or 4 weeks which will give you a feel for what it's like.

Last winter we had little snow at this altitude but boy did it rain. It rained basically from November through till April with a few days off here and there. Quite a few people we know went on holiday somewhere warm. Some English have been complaining becasue they seem to think it's sunny all year round which it isn't.

Good luck.


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