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Hi all,

Just been reading the tax thread prior to this and am getting more worried that I will complete my First Time Tax Return wrongly. I have been submitting my income on-line via Net-Entreprise as an AE since starting trading with my Chambres D'Hotes last May (2011).

I now have to do my first Tax Declaration on paper to the Impots. I have a couple of questions.

1. How will they know that I have already paid my tax and health contributions quarterly via Net-Entreprise.

2. Can anyone recommend someone close to Bellac 87( via a PM or Email.) that I can go to for help filling this in ( my french is still in its infancy !!)

Would it need to be an accountant ?

Thanks for any help.

Best Regards Mel.

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This will give you a starting point (note this was in 2011 for 2010 income):


With this info, try a simulation of your declaration HERE (Particuliers/Calculez votre impôt).

Sorry, can't help with question 2 [:)].

You shouldn't need an accountant. The Trésor Public usually has agents to help out prior to the deadline. You might want to find out from yours when this will be happening.

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Hi Clair,

Thank's for your information.

Soooooooooo many forms to fill in for so little earned !!!

I did work in the UK for a short spell over the winter so looks like I need to fill in quite few of them !!!

Still think I may need some help as I don't want to be accused of falsifying anything .........I hate all the paperwork, but needs must.

Thank's again Clair, but if anyone can help with my second query I will be eternally grateful.

Kind Regards Mel.
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If you do go and see an accountant make quite sure he/she understands where to enter any UK income. Being accountants ourselves we went to one to get our first French return filled in and were told that some exempt (rental in UK) income should just be ignored... We were not at all convinced so went to the tax office and they completely re-wrote the form for us and the answer came out as we had expected. Wasted the money on the accountant!!!

Mrs H

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