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FairFX comes out good for euro exchange - but euro costing UK again

just john

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Having just transfered through Nationwide at €1.17[:'(] (shouldn't have I know), I then got this offer earlier this week, FairFX Euro rate hit its highest peak in 20 months, beating high street providers and our other prepaid competitors.
This weekend they will be keeping the rate of €1.20 to £1, giving you time to purchase a FairFX Euro Card or top up. That compares with just €1.08 for £1 in July 2011 (you're now getting more than 11% more Euro for your money). http://www.fairfx.com/wizard/start/card_recharge

 I bought some, usual disclaimers etc.

only to read this morning,  .telegraph. /Taxpayer-stumps-up-another-10bn-to-save-euro. is this the Sarko leaving present?


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Good for us?

No, unexpectedly better, in spite of the chancellor taking his 20%.

Will we ever make up the difference as to how mad property prices became in the UK compared to our once expensive bit of France, no never. Not that our bit of France deflated........ just had slow sensible inflation. So we take what we get and appreciate it.

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