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I have a house in Mussidan 1/2 North or Bergerac that needs some work ! Not much by French standards But by mine I have been quoted by a French Man 500 euros to tile a 10sq mtr floor and 4 sq mtrs on a kitchen wall . Can someone tell me if this is as expensive as it seems. I would like to find someone man or woman who could do the job for a more reasonable price. If I find the right person there is walls to plaster in 8 rooms and a small bathroom , large bathroom and toilet to tile as well. My email is ajelite@hotmail.com.

My husband will be over in a couple of weeks but we have some dutch friends who could show anyone the house if need be.(they speak good English)

I live in hope

Best regards




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Thank you for your reply

It makes me feel better to know that even if I think the price is high, that it is the going rate and I am not being charged extra for being the only English person that I know of in the town



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