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Water free zone

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Weeellll, after having a mini tornado, a Lot wide ruling that no potable water was to be used to water gardens etc (which goes on for 2 months) we are now a water free zone.

The tap sometimes drips - our well is very very low and not drinkable and it looks like we are going to have to get used to living in pre daily (or twice daily) shower days. We have friends arriving on Monday so it could all get rather interesting (if not smelly :whistling.

Before any bright spark says we should have saved water, I pump water (from well) into a large water butt for the small polytunnel and the veggie garden and all washing up water goes into another huge butt which sits by the back door and takes all grey water that can be carried and emptied into it for non comestable plants. We cannot take the water from the roof as every lizard in the vicinity commits suicide in it and it stinks to high heaven and kills everything it touches. We tried putting tights over the pipe to stop the grot but it just bungs up and smells even more. I think part of the problem is the moss on the roof, the guttering is new.

Just thought I would have a glass of water and - I opened a bottle instead. Never mind, could be stuck in the UK with it coming down in bucketloads.

I forgot to mention the fact that the hail this week took all the tomatoes off the vines but that as they say is another story.

I like weather, gives you something to write about



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>>Never mind, could be stuck in the UK with it coming down in bucketloads.<<

Pretty perfect here today. Rain overnight, but pleasantly warm, not too hot today, with a pleasant light, warm breeze...and sunshine

No water ban in this part of the Thames Valley but we are collecting as much rainwater as possible at every opportunity.


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It has been a perfect week here for me. We had two days of quite steady rain at the beginning of the week and it cooled things down. Since then the sun eventually decided to come out, and that breeze we have had has had a cool hint to it. It has felt like post Quinze Aout whether as we normal feel the differences after that date. The house has stayed very pleasantly warm inside. Outside it is very pleasantly warm for me to sit out in it. And we are back to the summer quilt on the bed and I always sleep better when there is something with some weight covering me.

A mixed bag,  I like weather.


Iceni aren't you on mains water, or isn't it working?

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[quote]Weeellll, after having a mini tornado, a Lot wide ruling that no potable water was to be used to water gardens etc (which goes on for 2 months) we are now a water free zone. The tap sometimes drips -...[/quote]

Do you want water?...

Well come and live in the Corris valley in Wales ! I have never known such a place for rain !!!

Average 90 inches a year ! with peaks to 100 inches !!


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Still dry dry dry dry dry here in our little corner of 34.  Could count on one hand the number of times it's rained since we moved to this house last October.   Maybe I should count my fingers before I say that?

No, truly, it's been very very dry, and we only have metered water.  We'll be reaching the urine-drinking stage in a few weeks.  It shouldn't taste too different from the cheap wine we usually drink, and will save us about a euro a litre.

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Last time I looked, around 62 departments were water restricted so unless you live in Eastern France, the Alps or the Puy de Dom, consider yourselves restricted. We haven't been able to water for ages but butts (which collect roof water) are still half full so my geraniums are looking good!!

Di, we do a lizard check of the butts daily as they fall down the down pipes. Considering scrunching up chicken wire and stuffing it in the top but not sure I want to climb up there too often to check it - not a nice death for lizard or me.

Grey here today, and the bricos/garden centres are doing a roaring trade in green (camoflaged) hoses!
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This has suddenly got serious. House quite a way away is being renovated and someone (we are not sure if it is the pool chap or owners [guess the nationality]) have tried to fill the pool. In the process they have depleted the whole area - all the hamlets above and around them now have dry wells and it will stay that way until it rains. No sign of rain for days.

Our wonderful neighbour has just turned up with a huge water container full of potable water - I could kiss him. Visitors arriving on Monday and by the looks of it we will be on standpipes for the foreseeable future.

I know of the new residents and am going to make my feelings plain - EVERYONE knows the situation and the filling of below ground pools was on the list of 'not to do'.

The farmer and his wife/mother will get one of my famed wallnut cakes - the least I can do .

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I would be sorely tempted to porte plainte against these people who have dried the area up. Hopefully the authorities will do the necessary. They really deserve an enormous fine.


We have never had this sort of thing.  The odd year we have had hose pipe bans but never serious water problems. We don't really use the hose pipe anyway so it doesn't bother me. And I always appreciate the grass not growing, as I really do not like gardening, I'm not that keen on being out in the garden either.


Good luck.

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The plot thickens !! 

A mutual acquaintance rang the pool owners in England who state that they had permission from the Maire to put 30 m3 of water into the new pool.

They and a French neighbour are pointing the finger of suspicion at an irrigating farmer down the valley but as we used to say in N Essex "he say/she say". Though our farmer says that the irrigator has his own, legal reservoir. This has all the ingredients of a life long feud and, sadly,  is not an auspicious start for the English couple even if they are innocent.

BTW almost from the moment Guy gave us his water pipe the mains came back, albeit dribbling not spurting (to quote the myriad e-mails that Di receives each day).

To be serious for a mo, this event has made us rethink our profliagte use/ waste of water - so perhaps some good wiill come out of it. We believed, mistakenly, that our little well would be adequate for our veggie patch but not so - it's worse this year than 2003 so who knows what will happen in 2007 ?




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