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Off to a new life at last!!!!!!!!

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Today it really dawned on me that yes we are actually on our way to France as we pack our belongings into storage ready to move out on Tuesday.  We are moving in with my parents for a few weeks whilst we find somewhere to suitable to rent.  The only time I thought Oh god what the hell am I doing taking my 2 young children aged 5yrs and 7yrs out of school away from there friends, were at there school leavers assembly and yes I did shed a few tears along with a friend of mine who's children are in the same classes who are moving to Brittany on 17th August.  It was nice to have someone in the same boat if you know what I mean.

We are excited about our new adventure afterall life is to short and life is for living but at the same time scared for the unknown but I hope in a few years I will see the benefits of moving to France.

Well if anyone would like to tell me there stories I would appreciate it.


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I remember just how you feel..................however, we are 1 year on from our move to the Northern Dordogne with our 2 little ones (then 3 and 5).   We are all very very happy, and delighted that we plucked up the courage to make the move.

Yes, there were tears the first few months.  The first day at school - I felt just awful.  Leaving my 2 children at school - not speaking a word of french.  But - from day 1 they absolutely loved it.   You don't need any language to play and have fun!!  They are both now very nearly fluent, very happy, confident children.  Over the last year they (and us) have experienced things we never would have never done in the UK.  We have had so much more quality time together as a family.  We have made some lovely friends, eat great food, enjoyed wonderful (and varied!!) weather, and have entertained lots of our family and friends here.

Good luck and I really hope that you enjoy your new life in France.


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Good luck guys

I hope all goes well for you.. I should have been moving to just South of Angouleme on the 29th July but had to postpone due to family illness. So leeaving on the 9th September, which would have been the week I went back to teaching but due to a little craziness (inherited) I have packed it all up to start a business..... Huge butterflies in my stomach and the ever pervading "you must be nuts" from parents in the back of my mind but, I am sure all will be well even if our plans are knocked off the clock and calendar delays here and delays there if you fancy a look at our website please feel free to drop in




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