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Is Crédit Agricôle a safe Bank?


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I have very little money, just enough put by to cope in case of an emergency such as major problem with the roof or something like that, but it is in a Livret A with Crédit Agricôle and it is all I have. I don't want to have problems if the situation in Greece deteriorates, and Crédit Agricôle is very exposed to Greek debt.

Now we are always assured that the Government would step in if a bank got into serious trouble and guarantee such as basic account as the Livret A. ( I am well below the sort of figures bandied about a while ago as being the limit per saver)

However I am wondering if it might not be prudent to put my meagre mite in the Post Office Livret A instead ( I realise I can't have both)

Have any of you financial experts an opinion on whether such an establishment as La Poste is a safer bet than a bank such as Crédit Agricôle in a crisis?

As an aside the new Government is talking about doubling the limit you can hold in such an account, but that will be academic in my case...

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