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Guidance needed - Swimming Pools

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Hi - can anyone help with the wonderful topic of swimming pools.  We have bought a lovely house and a bit of land near to Verteillac in the Dordogne and very close to the Charente border.  Our land is sloping and we are in the process of thinking swimming pools (we have done our sums and doubled it)! I wonder if anyone can recommend a good company/person who you have had good service from.  As I said our land is sloping so its not a straight forward pool (but what pool is?) and possibly an infinity pool could be a solution (am now tripling cost).

Any one got any experience of this type of building work?  Thanks so much.

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Paula, we used Sarl Nadal of Tocane St Apres, they are 15 miles from you.

The cost of a traditionaly built pool was pretty much the same as a prefabricated or panelled one. Many suppliers did not bother to keep appointments let alone supply a devis.

We found the quality of work to be excellent.

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We live in-between Verteillac and the charente border .

And know of a local artisan from Riberac That fits pools for one of the pool company’s .

He has been in the building game for 30 years ,went to school hear when his family moved hear 36 years ago. All his worker are French but he is English but dont let that put you off if I hadn’t told you wouldn’t of none. He is well respected in the area with French and english.

If you PM me with your email I will give you his numbers.

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If you want to PM me with your details, I'll help you all I can.

Basically a sloping site should not present a rpoblem other than a bit of extra cost, in terracing and drainage.

But, having said that, every site is different and a comprehensive site survey is mandatory to give any definative advice.

There are many issues which need to be decided to own a trouble free

pool and certainly it is essential to get a comprehensive understanding

of swimming pool ownership and maintenace before you 'take the plunge'.

As I said before I'll help if I can


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