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Just wondering if there are any english groups in toulouse, Im obviously english, and from east london, I have been living here for over two years, just getting to grip with the language, and have meet many nationalitys unfortunatley all were only here for a limited amount of time, would realy love to find some english ladies here, to chat meet up do lunch all that stuff, im 28 years old and living with my french boyfriend in colomiers if anyone can lend some advice that would be SMASHING ciao and come on england for the world cup;

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Hi Emmajay

I joined http://www.americansintoulouse.com/  (a lot are English)  which is an English speaking group.  They publish a guide to living in toulouse, everything from Shopping, Education to Doctors.  I have found them so helpful with our move in 4 weeks getting very close. There is a monthly Lunch Club, things in the English Pub in Pibrac, walking tours of intersting places in the area etc.   Everyone has been really friendly and helpful and they are very well organised. There are loads of members in Colomiers. (We are moving to Tournefueille with our girls 16 and 11) AIT have also just started a forum.


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