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Credit squeeze?

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Was talking to a couple of business associates this morning, both Brits.  One of them told me that he has been told by a bank manager and two seperate businesses that the extension of credit, via business accounts, in this area, specifically around Belves/St Cyprien and along the Vallee is started to be restricted for Brits.

Nothing to do with changes to the CMU - too many bad payers apparently, tho neither of my chums fall into that category! 

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It was a conversation with a third party so I don't know whether it would get back to the bank manager - and as I pay my bills on time, as far as I'm concerned if some of the deadbeats, chancers and tax-avoiding ars****s who work round here on the black while stuffing local businesses can't get credit from local businesses, it's not a problem for me.

The real problem is that other people, honest, pay on time etc, who may want a facility like a business account MAY NOT be able to get one because of the other group.

Bit like tax avoidance and dodging being in the CMU and that sort of thing - a few cause problems for the many! 

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