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Do you live near Cruzy (Herault), 25 minutes west of Beziers?

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I am having a house built in Cruzy, but the builders are either reluctant to supply photos of progress or technically unable. If you are able to take some photos to indicate progress of the building process, I may be able to source some (reasonable) UK delicacies when I visit France next. Any one interested, let me know and I will supply details.



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hi andrew

I live just down the road in montouliers and would be very able to check up on your builders, I was wondering where the next tea delivery was going to come from.


Ps I'm a carpenter and joinery/ builder so I'll know what I'm looking at.
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[quote user="Tandem_Pilot"][quote user="Deby"]

have to say isnt that really a nice thing to do.



Why not?

He is probably paying a lot of money and wants to know whats going on without the expense of being there.


TP I think you've made a slight mistake with this [Www][Www][Www][:D]

By the way, shouldn't this be in the South East section?

P.S. I had to smile at this snippet I came across in Wiki : "Cruzy est une commune française, située dans le département de

l'Hérault et la région Languedoc-Roussillon. Ses habitants sont appelés

les "Cruzyates".

"Cruzyates" - lovely [:D]

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