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Bourse for UK university study


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Has anyone with children studying at a UK university manged to get a bourse from France?

We have applied for one from CROUS and, on paper at least, it has been approved. However, we are coming up with the problem of not being able to provide the right paperwork to prove that our son is studying there. CROUS themselves are not being terribly helpful (not answering  emails or letters and manging to "lose" phonecalls when I've been passed around the different offices. 

Just wondering if anyone has successfully managed to claim a bourse and if so, what paperwork did you have to supply that was acceptable to CROUS? 

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I'm not sure if this is quite what you are looking for, but if your son has lived in the UK, and if everything is as it was four years ago, he qualifies for all loans and (particularly) grants that a UK student does. I very luckily found this out by accident but I've seen it discussed here in the education section since.


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