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French Speaker Required in Pau Area

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Hi, only discovered the forum yesterday - very informative!

We have owned a building plot in a town called Naverrenx (around 20mins south of Pau) for over 5yrs now. We previously had an English couple who took care of organising a gardener once a month to keep it under control, but since they retired early last year and moved back to the UK we are left with no-one who can speak the lingo and help us organise someone else.

I'm looking for anyone who can speak fluent French and could assist us (mostly over the phone but also to translate when we are over in France as we have a few loose ends to tie up with regards the site).

I know, I know after owning our site for 5yrs at least one of us should have learned the basics.

Can anyone Please help????
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How odd. Not my business I guess, but to ask for help on this forum, be offered what on the face of it seems an excellent suggestion, to then pass over what might've been a valuable contact - (and knowing them already?!), does beg the question are you asking for more than a bit of translation?

I can only assume you have approached them for help and been turned down. [8-)] Maybe I have the wrong end of the stick though... who knows.

If your requirements are so specific as to exclude local help, a bit more information might be useful [;-)]

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You've got the wrong end of the stick - TOTALLY!

Simple answer - I have know these guys for a number of years and they have been involved with us buying our site - But they are essentially estate agents and we have a business relationship.

I would just like someone impartial who knows the area who may guide me in the right direction and help me sort out a local gardener - no more no less - No hidden agenda!!

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