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Horticultural grit

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I need to get some drainage into my claggy clay soil, and am looking for horticultural grit or something similar in the Lot et Garonne area. Terre de Sud and the likes of Castorama do it, but it only seems to come in smallish bags and costs a fortune. Anyone know where I could get a bulk load - about a tonne - and what it might cost? In Kent I can buy it for £60 a tonne, but I suspect I'm going to end up paying a bit more than that in France. Ideas and suggestions welcome.

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It might be worth visiting a local sand/gravel pit as they are often able to supply gravel to your specific requirements which might be small enough for what you need.  You could take a sample from a small bag purchased at Castorama or wherever to show them what you are talking about.  We have the same problem with heavy clay but can purchase organic compost from a local depot for €33 a trailer load.  This we have rotavated into our new beds and it has improved things a lot.  Spent mushroom compost is also good if you have a mushroom grower nearby - and so are processed grape pressings, so I'm told.  Good luck!


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