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Phoenix Ponies looking for homes

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PEPITO & CHIPPY - Phoenix Ponies Looking for Homes

Pepito and Chippy are very sweet and easy going ponies, who are looking for a home where they can stay together.

Pepito and Chippy have a long history of severe laminitis. They are both fine now and can gallop all around with the other horses and ponies but of course their diet has to be strictly followed.

Pepito is a 20 year old gelding who worked for many years in a riding school. Chippy, a 10 year old mare, has never been educated but you can put a child on her back without a problem. They are both about 1.10 high and need a lot of affection!

Both ponies have been microchipped.

250259806035267 Pepito

250259806035164 Chippy

Please more photos and more details, please contact Patricia on baerloo@orange.fr or telephone 05 53 50 40 76

Thank You,

The Phoenix Team



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