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Can anyone give me an idea where to hire a portaloo(s) for a day and any idea of the cost involved?  Our association is having an event in the gardens of a private house.  The owners are quite happy to open their grounds to us but apparently on the last occasion 60+ visitors put an overload on their fosse septique which caused them considerable problems for a while afterwards!

Any advice welcome!


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Here in Manche all along the route of the new THT line Loxam portaloos are on the site of every other pylon being built  - try their website perhaps!  Or ask around for a chemical "camping" loo from a tent owner - we bought one when we first came over to start clearing our house for the builders to start.


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The portable toilet is a lightweight, transportable, efficient and more

sanitary variation of a common facility for the elimination of human waste

that existed before the advent of indoor plumbing—the outhouse.

Portable toilets are most commonly used at construction sites, outdoor

parking lots, and other work environments where indoor plumbing is

inaccessible, and at large outdoor gatherings such as concerts, fairs, and

recreational events.

A friend of mine has recently hired the portable toilets for his wedding from the company named Hire Portable Toilets and they have provided tremendous service. You can contact them via http://www.hireportabletoilets.com.au/

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