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It rained here (Montpellier/Nimes area) most of Sunday, and almost all Sunday night. It didn't seem excessive, but...

I went shopping yesterday, and in a 30-mile round trip encountered 3 main roads closed because of flooding, numerous flood-abandoned cars, and at least 2 accidents. I heard on the radio this morning that there are quite a few houses in Mauguio have suffered from flooding. We're on a hill, and there's water running in our cellar.

I can see why les gens du Sud don't like the rain - at first I thought it was just because they preferred the sun, but no, it's the chaos it almost always brings with it. Don't know what the problem is, badly-designed roads, not enough drainage?

Or is it getting worse?

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It rained consistently, but not too heavily in the Cevennes and near Sommieres(we had 80mm over the weekend). The river Vidourle was pretty high at 08.00 yesterday morning, but has fallen steadily since.

I saw one bar owner unloading fridges and equipment from a van last night. They had removed everything on Sunday ........ just in case.

Seems this time, the worst was South and west of Montpellier.

The Languedoc Page : http://tlp.netfirms.com

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>I can see why les gens
>du Sud don't like the
>rain - at first I
>thought it was just because
>they preferred the sun, but
>no, it's the chaos it
>almost always brings with it.
> Don't know what the
>problem is, badly-designed roads, not
>enough drainage?
>Or is it getting worse?

Do you think it's a case of "the wrong sort of rain" ? like we have the wrong sort of snow or leaves on the line!
Seriously though, I hope the sun comes out again for you soon.

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