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where to buy in the Var/cote d'azur??

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LAST EDITED ON 26-Oct-03 AT 07:25 PM (GMT)

we're looking for a pretty character villa (stone walls, interior beams, those wonderful, uneven tiles, blue shutter idea) in the Var/cote d'azur, not too far from the motorway (although we don't want to hear or see cars! We are both noise sensitive) which runs along to Nice etc.
We saw some properties just now in the Le Thoronet, also in the Tourtour area (too far) but after driving those small winding roads, definitely want something closer to the coast. We're looking for a property with some sort of view, a decent sized ground (at least an acre or two), and not needing renovations. Fence with electric gate a big plus. A stream or anything unique would be another big plus.
We grabbed an immobiliere newspaper from nearby Frejus on the way back to the Nice airport, and wonder if we should follow up on those agencies, or not, thinking they may have properties in the larger region. Before we go further, here are two questions: 1. which agents would you recommend in this area, and 2. which towns would you recommend? We both speak good French. Interests: theater, art, friendships with international people. All advice most welcome! By the way, does anyone have any news on crime in this region? We have heard to stay away from the cote d'azur because of this problem. Thank you in advance!

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One of the areas that I would recommend is around Fayence, villages such as Callian, Montauroux, St. Paul en Foret and Bagnol en Foret are very French but have a good international mix of residents. Not only is it very beautiful, but is only 50 mins from Nice. Take a look at www.Fayence.com for an idea of the area (it is in English as well). Good Luck in your search
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Hi Pam,

We live south of the A8 motorway but often go north of it to visit places like Montauroux, Fayence, Seillans, etc. They are all very picturesque hill-top towns as someone else has already mentioned. You could also try Bargemon. After all, if it's good enough for Mr and Mrs Beckham....

We live in a village of about 2000 souls, and even though it's not exactly a hive of activity itself, it is very handy for reaching all the things you require. AND we have ADSL! We do have a policeman, but his main duty seems to be lollypop man.

Your wish-list also made me wonder if you'd had a look at Antibes, which is very interesting and somewhere we plan to move to when we are old and grey. Plenty to do without leaving the town and, judging by the notices in the English Bookshop, a good place to make international contacts. Yes, I know you wanted a couple of acres, but maybe you could find somewhere on the outskirts of Antibes.
Good luck with your search.
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