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flooding in south-east of France

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Webwent to Carcassonne yesterday from Quillan and the main road was OK.

The River Aude was very high from Limoux onwards with a few trees floating down. By the time it got to Carcassonne it had quite a rage on. The campsite by the river at Limoux had some water coming in from the river but not much (a couple of inches going about a yard inland).

We noticed a lot of fields with water but that was collected rainwater.

We had lunch at Limoux. We parked our car in the carpark by the river. The river was about 1M down from road level.

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The haute vallee is fine. It was up just over a metre from Limoux southwards but went down fairly rapidly so that by lunchtime we had a lot of muddy raging water flowing past, all the caves near Luc were flooded by the river, but generally things here are OK.

The Minervois is a different matter. Marseillette, Aigues-Vives were hit badly, Puicheric was affected but not to the same degree. Parts of the Corbieres were hit, Fabrezan, Fontcouverte etc ... as were areas around Auriac ... but not so badly as the Minervois. The Independant had some horrible photo's of it all! The vines along the D118 between Pomas and Preixan were under water on Thursday and Friday. So anything low level there would have been affected.

Generally Aude didn't suffer as badly as we did in '99, it's the people in Herault/Gard I feel for

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