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Purchase of electrical goods

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We have bought a house in a village in the Corbieres called Laroque de Fa. As the village is built on a hill side and is of medieval origin, the roads are very narrow and difficult to negotiate.

As the house is empty we need to buy most things from scratch.
We will be going to buy the stuff to fill up the house in April and we need to source a new cooker,new washer dryer and new fridge freezer.

Does anyone know where we can buy such things that would deliver in a village with narrow winding roads.

Also we need furniture...

Would appreciate any information to help me prepare the house for my family.

Thanks in advance

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Most shops will deliver to you. Limoux or Quillan would be the easiest but for more choice you're better off in Carcassonne, somewhere like Conforama on ZI Salvaza, BUT on the Mazamet road or FLY out near Geant Cite 2 (Narbonne road), alternatively try Perpignan and all the shops along Port d'Espagne. The only problem you are going to have with delivery is the cost & the look of horror when you tell them it's Laroque! Don't expect an immediate delivery, you may have to wait a week or more, I'm a lot more accessible than Laroque although 30 odd km out of Carcassonne and I still had to wait 10 days for Conforama to deliver the washing machine. Here too, the streets are incredibly narrow but they always manage it ... that won't be a problem - just your location!!!!

Your other alternative - if everyone has the right stock in on the same days is to pick up a van from ADA Location in Carcassonne and do it yourself with a delivery trolley to push the things up the street.

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Try Conforama at Salvelas, Carcassonne (near the airport).
I purchased most of my electrical goods here and because my house is on a very narrow, very busy road, they delivered early a.m. before the rush hour.
I am 45 minutes south of Carcassonne.
BUT is in the same area if you wished to do price comparisons, Conforama do provide internet shopping.
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We bought all our white goods at Conforama, ZI Salvaza, Carcassonne and they delivered, as promised, within 4 days to a small hamlet down the end of a narrow deadend in the Razs.

They were very good and I gave them a map of where our house is situated.


Doucement le matin, pas trop vite le soir
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I have to agree with the others that Conforama, ZI Salvaza, Carcassonne is a very good place to visit. I have had some real bargins e.g. washing machine for 299 euros which they delivered and installed for me the following morning as promised. They were very helpfull and despite my desperate attempts to speak french (of which I still have a long way to go!!) they spoke English!!(even the delivery man!!).
Best of Luck
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