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We are looking to buy a house to live in somewhere in the S/West area. We have been looking at the Living France mags and there seems to be a contradiction over buying a house with land in Aude.

In the Sept 03 LF page 84 it refers to "Any amount of land surrounding a property, in Aude, whether 200m2 or 2000m2 can increase the price twofold"

In the Oct 03 LF page 74 there's reference to "For example, 150000 euros could get you a detached, rural property near Carcassone, Aude with a couple pf hectares of land, or a semi detached village village property with a good sized garden in the Perpignan area".

As we have a budget of 150000 or so we are a bit confused as to what we may be able to get. Can anyone help to clear this for us please.....

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Most villages houses to not have gardens. I think 150,000 euros will get you a good condition 3/4 bed house in a Village but no garden. Most house with gardens are new build villa's and they seem to start from around 200,000 euros in a good location. You may get a rural property for this amount with some land but it would be a basket case and uninhabital. You should look at some estate agents online to get a true picture of prices.Just type IMMOBILIER AUDE in google and you will get loads of results. Good Luck
Richard ( AUDE)
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We found the further you go from the sea/cities tends to decide the price. You can find a house in the Corbieres with garden and possibly land outside the village for about 100-150,000 euros. In the Corbieres you are under 1 hour from the sea and about 1.5 hours from the skiing.Try www.cledescorbieres.com they are very helpful.

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The comment in LF about a detached rural property at 150,000 with several hectares is absolute nonsense!

For one thing, how many villages do you see having detatached houses? This is a myth in this region, the only detatached house you will see is a newly built villa! It's rare to find one! I know of a detatched house with 5 beds and several hectares on the market for 550,000 euros! Admittedly it's in good condition but even so - it's a rare find to get one like this that is detatached!

For 150K you can find a village house with a garden, not necessarily attached but it will probably have one! There are a variety of websites about this region but try www.aude-france-property.com - it doesn't have too many houses for sale but if you want to know more about the region and what you can expect to find it's a minefield of information!

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Hi John
we bought a holiday home in Lacome, 30 minutes north of Carcassone in Oct 2003. Fabulous find, probably more by luck than judgement. We only went over for a look but happended to call into 'Alba Immoblier' 17 Rue Barbes, Carcassone (just of the town square). An elderly french couple had put the house on the market the day before and the office were in the process of preparing the advertisment. They wanted a quick sale so we offered a knock down price of 85,000 euros and now have a beautiful 3 bedroom detached house with garage and garden at the foot of the Black Mountain. The bedrooms are so big that at a push, we could sleep eight people. It's in immaculate condition and they even included all furniture and fittings.
Best of luck.
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