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Can't tell you how great this Forum is for answering millions of those little questions that have been popping into my head since we made the decision, after many years of talking about 'when we move to France...' Thankyou so much!

To all you die hard Forumites - I apologise because I'm sure you've had this question a million times but can anyone help us narrow down our search? We are looking to move our family (3 children aged 8, 5 and 1) to a village or the outskirts of a small town - not isolated but equally not on the tourist trail either. Our location will be decided by schooling primarily and also by the community around - we are leaving behind a big network of family and friends that we will all be sad to leave behind. on the other hand we are happy to leave behind the commute into London at 7am each morning! Coming down at the end of April with the intention of looking South of Carcasonne towards the Pyrenees - ..................

so in brief - welcoming village with nice school and a rugby club nearby - any suggestions?

Thanks Suzie
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We like it too Sab! There are some pretty nice places on the road between Carcassonne and the Pyrenees, going towards Perpignan. We particularly like it between Campagne-sur-Aude and the Fenouilledes. However, I don't know how it is for schools. Good luck with your search.
I expect you've already noticed their are mixed views aired on the LF site about the development of 'ex-pat enclaves' in certain areas. But I don't think the area I'm talking about is awash with us (I beleive swamped is the Blunket is the current mot juste).
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