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I am well but busy. We have been having a constant stream of guests. I cooked dinner last night for the first time ever so I'm taking them to hospital this morning.

All the moles for 10 miles around have now moved into our garden since 'mole bin laden' arrived causing major derailments on the garden railway. I think the rumour about Kevlar mole body armour and hazcem suits has leaked out. I have taken to sharpening the blades on my sit-on mower with the hope of decapitating them but we now have these strange miniature concrete bunkers appearing with little slits in them and tube looking things sticking out. Also most of my dynamite seems to have gone missing from the shed for some strange reason.

I tried, as suggest by somebody else, bashing their heads in with a spade but they have helmets! And my arms ache now. I tried sticking the hose down one of the holes and leaving the water pump on all night but they seem to have diving suits. I bought a sonic pole thing from Leroy Merlin but my wife says she can hear them singing along with them (old Petshop Boys numbers I am told).

Oh well back to the battle, THEY WILL NOT WIN.

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Hi Chris and Pat,
We're back home - sorry to say. But the house is progressing fine - albeit slowed-up by the unseasonal weather. But I think we brought summer with us. Just can't wait to come out.
It was good to meet-up. Hope you didn't mind our exit while you and Terry were playing with the rotavator!!
And sorry we didn't have time to hear your Mole Voice Choir.
Maybe next time.
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