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Public transport Toulouse-Limoux ?

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Does anyone have any experience of, or views on, the viability of using the train to get from Toulouse to Limoux? On the map it looks very simple, but I understand there is a coach between Carcassonne and Limoux - why?

Incidentally, I have tried the SNCF website, but being deterred by extremely small print and innate laziness, I thought I might just try to get some guidance straight from those who might have gone before...?


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I use the train for part of that journey (to Carcassonne) quite regularly when I fly, I don't know what it would be like for commuting.

The single fare is EUR12-10, the time varies between about 40 minutes and an hour. The trains seem to run a lot about 7-30 until 9, then a few at lunchtime, then a lot at going home time. It has never been more than 5 minutes late.

TGV's have to be reserved in advance, but the other two sorts - TER (regional) and ?grand trains are fine and you can hop on.

To get from Toulouse airport to the train, take the airport shuttle (every 20 mins) to the final stop, the Gare Routier, you pass the SNCF station is 100 metres before. The TLS SNCF station is 10 minutes walk from the very center of Toulouse.

I've never tried the Carcassonne -> Limoux leg (even though I live in the countryside just outside Limoux). As I understand it there is a bus which runs sometimes but there is definitely a proper train in use as well.

Let me know if there is anything else you might need to know, I have the timetables here.

Cheers, Ian
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