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Rebate on Electricity charges 2009-2010


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The local Luxembourg rag has an article today about the fact that some (French) electricity tariffs were not transparent and therefor are being annulled. It states that the bills for the period 15/08/2009 to 13/08/2010 will be recalculated.

I've had a brief look around the french news sites, but can't find anything about this. Has anyone got any more information about it?

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On the prices front, I am concerned by the proposal to apply a "bonus-malus" system to energy consumption. (article - translation)

Broadly speaking, the proposal is that households should be given an "energy consumption ceiling", based on how many people live in a given property, the type of property is and which form of heating is used.

The info would be collected via the income declaration form and passed on to the energy suppliers so they can propose 3 levels of consumption, from essential to superfluous.

The basic energy price would fall within one of the 3 levels, each with a different price base and the user would be charged according to how frugal or extravagant the consumption is.

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I have seen nothing about a rebate, just that the bills will be recalculated, and as individuals on the blue tariff were charged less than businesses this could lead to a demand for back payments.

The system that Clair mentions is proposed to come in next year if it passes


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What a fantastic ides. I think my letter will be something like .....

Dear clients, I know we agreed I would charge you 10€ an hour last year but having had a look at my accounts I can now see that I miscalculated. So please find enclosed a bill for another 2€ an hour. That's OK isn't it ?

With your best interests in mind, as always, and of course I still pray for you.


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Sorry Norman I misunderstood.

So, in reality, a syndicate that has a few hundred members has said that the pricing was unfair for it's members and the 38million of the rest of the population should pay more because that is only fair. Not that the syndicate members should get a refund?

I'm with greyman on this. I signed a contract, that the supplier supplies me with electricity at a price, and my side of the contract was to pay that price for what I used.

This one would be an interesting case in the European Court, that's if it gets past the bluster and hot air stage.


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It does sound weird but the conclusion was

"le gouvernement Ayrault va devoir prendre un nouvel arrêté pour modifier

les tarifs et "les factures de tous les usagers pendant la période du

15 août 2009 au 13 aout 2010". Le gouvernement a aussitôt pris acte

aussitôt de cette décision. Il "tirera les conséquences de cette

décision qui s'impose" tout en veillant "à protéger les intérêts des

consommateurs", a déclaré à l'AFP Delphine Batho. Selon le Sipperec,

l'annulation des tarifs est rétroactive : la révision des factures des

usagers devra donc être faite pour 2010, 2011 et 2012.

That is a change of the prices charged and a revised bill.

This is one thing that can't be laid at the door of the new government. The prices were previously agreed with the last one, and it is that that has been declared illegal.

It wasn't a simple syndicat that complained, by the way. It was a hundred local authorities in the Paris region.

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