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Canet Port to Villa Rosas by Boat?

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Anyone know if there's a service from the Port to Villa Rosas, and anything about it. Seem to remember seeing a notice about it last year some time.
If it exists, we'd like to give it a shot around the end of June; leave the car at Canet, take our chances at finding somewhere to stay at VR, and return the following day.
Local info and/or weblink very much appreciated. Just can't find a single reference to it on the net so maybe I imagined it.
Wondered if Mr or Mrs O would know. being of a sea-faring clan.
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Mrs O to the rescue...but not tonight! have just spent the day at Rosas as it is Ians birthday and Rosas is one of our favorite places to visit, Have had a quick flick through some sites,but not coming up with anything.There are definatly boat trips from Argeles port...they were advertising the other Sunday when we met you ,we would also love to go on one of those trips but the eldest gets sick just paddleing!
Ayway have a search over the next few days inbetween stoning cherries for compote!
Ps fab resto in Rosas tell you where etc later
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You now know how dedicated to this site we really are! we made a special trip to Argeles Port this morning and even suffered angst as we sorowfully left our two children to play in the sand ,whilst we went for a walk to the port ,all in the line of duty! We have extensivly researched the trip boat stands and the best we could come up with is: Compagne maritime Rousillon croisieres tel no 0468816384 ,they do a trip to Rosas on a sunday (market day) departs at 0845 retour at 1900 38 euro, perhaps if you give them a ring in your bestest french they may be able to help with your overnight stay (perhaps his father/cousin/brother! runs a trip from another port) or you could both book yourself in for a sea parachute flight.....if you do ,let us know , love a comedy show!
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