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Just starting the groundwork on this one. No postings with reference to cherries please (been there done that, T-shirt shrunk in the wash) Cows moved on to pastures new, Saw last episode of Friends, ahh sad. Not going to bother with new series of Big Brother! Looking forward to more riveting regional news ie, man crosses road, Dunrunning fishes Lille, Germans celebrate D-Day with mass beach towel exhibition, Piprob has door fitted and Mrs O's recommended swimming pools in Perp, and the correct way to use a bidet. Forecast for Bank Holiday "Bo*+"c$s". Where did I leave that glass?
Terry (GB till Aug)
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Friends-ah, my wife watched the last one yesterday and the last 10 ( or it seemed like) the night before. I had to stay stumm(?) all night and was religated to watching a dvd in the bedroom. She's also an addict of French big brother and a game show where they have money in what looks like shoe boxes, now ended thank god.

Richard (Aude)

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Where is everyone? are you sunning yourselves in UK sur mer? have you gone to another forum? is that you flying around in the helicopter hoping for a glimpse of Mr O in his shorts ,trying to get a colour on his legs or catch our kids nicking the Peaches(moved on from dealing in cherries!!).
Bit of local gossip, our neighbour (skinny ,28, noisy exaust on car, smokes a bit of illegal) has two women on the run,one looks like she should be in school, the other that she should be in the Anorexia clinic.
PS another day of thunderstorms today and poss tomorrow but great temps for the rest of the year!!! (wish I could post a cheers with a glass of BIO red)
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it is rather warm here at present.

My shade mounted electronic weather station says for today :
max air temp 36C
max pool temp 28C

I missed the highest temps because I was out sailing during the afternoon.

But I can't help remembering it was mid to late June last year when we started to get 40+C temps.

What is it like in the rest of France ?


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The midday french news showed a couple at Carcassonne airport,who were obviously English as he was wearing a cap sleeve T shirt and beige shorts with check socks and jesus sandals carrying a raincoat and her with shortsleeve twin set and slacks with sensible shoes, looking rather like Mr and Mrs PipRob!the headline being that they thought they had landed at Stanstead as there were so many St George flags and the sky was overcast,they only realised that they had actually arrived in france when the lady on the car hire desk coudn`t understand his request! Mrs o
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