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Gently Unhappening in July

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Its been a bit quiet. Everyone is deep in summer.

Was 37c wherever we went in our trip at the end of June; for which somehow I feel I have Opas to thank. Quillie is still around, doing his professional stuff elsewhere on the forum. John too is silent. Even Dunrunnin seems to be sitting in the shade. But lets be honest - there's not too much to get het-up about here in the South East.

The Aude - in full flood back in April - has subsided. Quillie's got his bit of river beach back - a place to sit and forget the moles. Hergoodself and me didn't call-in this time. We sat a little up stream, and paddled our feet instead.

Loved Prades. Came within a kilometre or two of chez Mr and Mrs O., deciding not to intrude on their tranquility. Got to Vernet, so close to Cannigou. A shame they've built a hotel over the source of the springs. But spectacular scenery. Getting there, became lost, ludicrously, in a forgettable place the size of a small cul-de-sac that had contrived a ring road complete with at least seven hundred and three roundabouts. Felt a little sorry for the navigator because, even though it was her birthday, she was entirely responsible.

Didn't take herself anywhere near a boat. Just put the car in fifth, cruised gently down to Collioure in full sail(sp?), and booked-in to a hotel overlooking one of the bays. But thanks for taking the time to investigate the boats for me. We will do it one day.

They put a small firework in Pip's sorbet at the end of a good meal back in Quillan to mark her birthday, and though Monsieur Cartier was holding court the whole evening so didn't notice us come or go, Madame Cartier was very smiley as usual - remarking that she understood my French perfectly well. She's pretty big in the customer pleasing department.

What about le battiment? Well it hasn't changed much. In fact I thought we'd actually gone backwards until I realised the bathroom window upstairs was, after all, in the correct wall. How can you forget agreeing a change like that? Jean-Marc says the structure will be finished by the end of this month, ready for fit-out. And in case this timetable struck us as anything less than credible, has sent us a considerable facture.

Only around 9 months before we can come to stay. Yipeeeeeeee.

As you are all so invisible, I guess there is just as much unhappening for you!

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I can't speak for the others but we are back in blighty waiting our next fix of France( Languedoc that is). For lucky old me its august for 4 days to do some painting after our carpenter Adam has finished putting in our grandchildrensafe stairs etc. Poor Lyn has to wait until September( ran out of holidays apparently) but then we are both there from the 4th until the 11th walking the High Pyrennes( gulp) with Headwater and then back at the house until the 19th. If you recollect we are hoping to have a go at white watwer rafting with your goodselves( hopefully you will be fully ensconced by then) but I suspect the rivers may be too low. Ah well we will see. Roll on August and september.
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Its been really hot (38 on terrace in shade). There was a big 4th July party in Quillan, Told the yanks we changed our minds and want it back.. except Bush, they can keep him! So we toasted King George followed by the colonials and all went home late but well fed and watered.

Outside chores are done around 6 am as its to hot the rest of the day, never thought I would be praying for rain as all the grass is now dead.

Been very busy with the old B&B over the last few weeks and the full sign has not come down for a long time.

Pats back in the UK, her mum is very ill so I have been running it on my own for the last week and a bit. Why is it women make such a black art out of ironing, once you remember to turn it on it simple. Got over the colours and whites washing thing. Put them all in on a boil wash and now dont have to sort things as they are all the same colour, saves a lot of time on change over days.

Mole din Laden has gone on holiday as he and his terrorists have left the garden alone for a while. It might have something to do with the ground being so dry its set like concrete.

Thats about it really.


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