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Mobile phone coverage in Herault

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I will be moving to the Herault department in Languedoc Roussillon soon (Dept. 34).

I would be interested to know the best mobile phone service provider to go for in that area. Having visited many times with a UK mobile phone on a 'roaming' setup, the network that the phone locked on to most was SFR.

There is an interesting new company which offers a contract arrangement for foreigners at a good price:


You just pay via your credit card and it's very well priced.

Unfortunately the service is offered on Bouygues Telecom only, and I have a feeling that this is the worst service in the Herault area. Does anyone use Bouygues in the area and what is your experience?

I would welcome any recommendations, thanks in advance.
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I have a place in Herault and in the past used mobiles(I now have landline)Mainly SFR and occasioanally another one which has become Buoy?????;the service used to be awful on both-I had to hang over the edge of my balcony to get a signal but sufficient people complained and we now have an aerial 100 yds. down the road.
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