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As You Like It, Montpellier

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not quite gone forever !

The old owners are going back to UK, but keeping their house here with a view to retiring to it in a few years time.

The shop is currently being refurbished. It will reopen as an ................. English bookshop (but with the tea room reinstated).


More info here :



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Had thought of opening a second hand book shop from our garage/cellier - we've certainly collected enough over the years! Looks like it's a definite no go if shops can't stay open. Forced hubby to build me new bookcases at Easter 'cos I'm fed up with all the books languishing in England, so have taken to France in the rare case that I might actually read one or two of them again! (Have a terrible memory for remembering the entire plot after the 1st page!). Quite happy to do swapsies etc.. if anyone is interested -although we're not MontP way (offer to all Quillan area residents!) - varied titles 'cos they're ours, mum's, dad's and friends books. Tom Clancy    to Jackie Collins and everything in between!

Also marmite (and teabags) by prior appointment.

Not that we're advertising any services or recommending any authors in particular Mr Moderator !!!



P.S. where is everybody? It's a bit quiet here have you all got BA special offers!

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