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Went to the beach yesterday for a picnic, miles of beach between Carnon and La Grande Blotte.   Sun was shining, water was calm, so why was I the ONLY ONE swimming yesterday?    Is there something I should know? 

I still seem to have all my skin and sanity, so the water quality was as good as ever.   

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It's not the summer anymore. And it's a well known fact that you can't swim outside of the summer holidays

Friends started going on about "this is the last weekend I'll be able to swim....." right at the beginning of September. Even our local (covered) swimming pool empties once it's the rentrée.

If nothing has fallen off yet, I think it's probably OK to go back

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SaligoBay, we need to have a serious word with you.

A sure sign that no good is likely to come of a thing is when people are not doing it. There are probably many examples of this useful maxim being played out in life around us even now, but we never know what they are because we never see them. You just have to be aware of what is not happening and then join in fully with the spirit of not doing it too. That way you'll always be safe. Hey ho

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[quote]All alone on the beach, that was a case of "spot the Brit" then. Hope you had your handkerchief knotted in all corners. From October it's fur coat time! Terry[/quote]

I think this should read "spot the Scandinavians + 1 Brit.

In Sweden they believe it is OK to swim when the water is over 11C.

I once got a rope stuck in my boat propeller in Sweden. I went over the side for 30 mins at 10C. Don't know if 11C is warm enough, but 10C is not. Very shrivelled.


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